flippi twist – rotate blocks

flippi twist – rotate blocks

“flippi twist” is an educational game for young children.

In this game, your child learns to recognize shapes, colors and different animals.

The 36 highly detailed, colorful, sweet animals in Retina graphics are choosen randomly in each round.

Once the animals were assigned correctly a lovely music is played and a cheerful sun appears.

Basic gameplay:
– one of the 36 animals is selected randomly

– the selected animal is displayed over the cube

– the parts of the cube can be rotated sideways- as soon as the front side of the cube matches with the animal above, the round is finished and a new round is started automatically

– Solve every puzzle to unlock funny sounds for each animal! In the trophy gallery, tap on an unlocked animal to hear the sounds anytime you want!


– 3 levels of difficulty

– 36 animals with animal sounds

– very child-friendly, lively colors and animals

– App does not include advertising

– text-free, no reading skills required

– without point-tracking and time pressure

“flippi twist” supports:

– interaction

– the recognition of shapes and colors

– problem solving skills- memorizing skills